How to Make Yourself Ready for Snowmobile Riding Season?

6 years ago Kelvin Braden Comments Off on How to Make Yourself Ready for Snowmobile Riding Season?

Snowmobilers wait all day for the winters to come so that they can take out their ski doo back into action and give it a ride and make the most of the exquisite experience. However, nothing ruins a highly excited adventure more than a breakdown of the trail. So here are some tips to have your favorite cote a cote noir snowmobile ready the moment the winter hits in your area. Thank us later.

Visual Inspection

Let’s begin with the visual inspection.

  1. Spark plugs

Inspect the spark plugs and the condition of the wire. Ski doo engines need indexing if replaced or removed, so ensure to check the user manual for proper instruction. Inspect the clutches, drive belt and suspension for wear and tear. Grease the suspension, grid, and steering if not done during storage.

  1. Adjust the tracks and inspect the skis

Inspect your track for proper tension and ensure that your bolts and tightened. Ensure to inspect for gouges, cuts or corrosion on the skis and ensure that the runners are straight.

  1. Inspect your electrical system

Inspect the ignition and seek any warning lights that can signal problems. Check high or low beam headlights and brake lights to make sure that the bulbs haven’t burnt out.

Inspect your oil

  1. Engine oil and filter

If you have a four stroke and didn’t change the oil and filter last spring, do it now. Two stroke machines have the power valves inspected and cleaned for oil deposits and overall condition. Drain and replace the oil mixture if wasn’t stabilized before storage.

  1. Fuel system

Inspect the fuel tank along with the fuel and oil lines for leaks or cracks. If you have a stabilizer, empty the fuel tank and replace with the fresh fuel. Clean your carburetor and ensure that it is adjusted properly to avoid performance issues or breakdown.

  1. Chaincase oil change

This should be done on a yearly basis preferably in the spring after the completion of the riding season. Chains and gears tend to form metal particles that need to be gotten rid of from the fluid on a regular basis or else they cause bigger problems down the trail.

Be ready

  1. If you are using a trailer…

Make sure that everything is good to go with your hauler. Before you get ready, ensure to inspect the tires, hitch, bearings, axle, safety chains, cover, bed, lights and electrical parts.

  1. Prepare for emergency

It is always the best practice to bring fire starting materials such as lighter, dry cloths, work gloves, water, spare strap, granola bars, lip balm and other bare necessities you think are important to have in handy, just in case if you get stranded.