Making Money from an Old Beatdown Vehicle

5 years ago Kelvin Braden Comments Off on Making Money from an Old Beatdown Vehicle

Is your car no longer roadworthy? Is it time to get rid of it and look for a new vehicle? We sometimes get attached to our cars, but when the time comes, we must let them go. If you’ve had it checked by a mechanic and there is nothing left that they can do to repair it, why not make some money from whatever remains. A reputable car scrap yard in Brighton can dispose of your car no matter the make or model. They’ll also collect your car, or you can drop it off at the scrap yard.

Before scrapping the vehicle, check the used parts to see if they are still operational. You can make money selling parts such as:

  • Engine
  • Gear Box
  • Lights & Panels
  • Tyres
  • Drive Shaft

Salvaging Parts

Whatever killed your car is probably broken beyond repair and is better off left for scrap, but there are parts that will still function effectively. These components can be stripped from the car and sold as used parts.

Sell the Battery

Most of the time you’ll find the battery is in good condition and it can be sold to a car garage or online at a reasonable price. A dead battery is a common problem, so you should have no issues finding a buyer.

Eco- Friendly Scrap Yards

You can sell your car to a scrap yard that is fully licensed by the Environmental Agency, this ensures they’ll dispose of the vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner.