Mercedes AMG – Take A Look At Its Various Versions

5 years ago Kelvin Braden Comments Off on Mercedes AMG – Take A Look At Its Various Versions

‘Driving Performance’ is one of the terms that distinguishes Mercedes AMG from the rest of the models. Its superb power delivery, efficient handling and amazing sound give a pleasant and enjoyable driving experience to its users. If you are interested in buying a Mercedes AMG, then it is important to know about its various versions in detail.

About Mercedes AMG

AMG Mercedes models were formed by two Mercedes engineers in the year 1967. AMG badge had become identical with speedy Mercedes models that are loved by its founders.  This model has a long history in making very fast running Mercedes models.

Mercedes-AMG GmbH

Mercedes AMG automobile exhibits exclusivity, high performance, and dynamic driving pleasure. Mercedes-AMG GmbH has specialization in distinctive, and high-performance vehicles that can be seen in couples, SUVs, roadsters, cabriolets etc. All of these constitutes a product portfolio that fulfills the needs of its customers effectively.

What makes Mercedes-Benz AMG Engine stand out from other models?

Each and every model of Mercedes is assembled by hand. It is a one man and one engine machine that is highly qualified manual assembly. As against its large series production, each and every Mercedes AMG engine is assembled by hand as per its philosophy of “one man, one engine”.

Only one AMG technician assembles your complete engine in an AMG engine shop. Tasks ranging from crankshaft installation in the engine to the cables and camshaft assembly and oil filling, all of them takes place in the engine by only one mechanic.

Mercedes AMG A 45 4Matic

This model represents the beginning of AMG ownership. It comprises of a turbocharged 355hp engine. It is known to be the fastest A-Class model available on sale on the market. A 45 4Matic can easily sprint a basic “Porsche 911” with its 0 to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Mercedes AMG C 63

This latest edition of Mercedes C-Class is built for speed, and is also the newest car in the popular AMG line up. It takes just around 4.2 seconds for hitting the 62 miles per hour mark.  The engine has the power of 476 horsepower, and is additionally powered with the V8 engine twin turbochargers of four liters. This car undoubtedly deserves the AMG badge, unlike the A-45, because of its conventional automatic gear box and the sleek saloon body.


All the models manufactured by Mercedes AMG have been rated phenomenal among users.   It is known to provide remarkable driving performance, power handling and comfort. This makes it one of the most valuable models in the present automobile market to invest your hard-earned money on.