Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet – Sporty Elegance and Driving Enjoyment

5 years ago Kelvin Braden Comments Off on Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet – Sporty Elegance and Driving Enjoyment

The C-Class Cabriolet is a convertible, which displays a legacy of craftsmanship, innovation and athleticism. All these traits will never fade or vanish. They will always be trendy and cool.

The convertible has big, attractive wheels surrounded with wide grippy tires that makes cornering a breeze. Open air style highlights the muscular lines and elegant C-class cabin. Just a click of button and in less than 20 sec, the three-layered sound soft woven top is summoned from its covered recess to enclose driver in relatively, coupe-like comfort.

There are 4 contoured seats and 3D model of rich finishes. The cabin of the Mercedes C Class Cabriolet blends modern art with comfort and ultramodern tech. When top of the convertible is lowered, you can see and feel the flow between its interiors and exteriors.

For personalizing your C-Class upholstery 4 soft color options are available. The upholstery is fitted manually along with hand finished trims. You can customize the cabin to fit your style as well as show off.


Mercedes Benz engineers have been working for decades and their distinct style can be sensed in the C-Class Cabriolet. The convertibles taut body muscle inspires a feel of solidity and confidence, while riding. You can gauge its energy through tight feel and precise handling.

The convertible is equipped with multiple modes suitable for every driving moods. Dynamic Select helps to program the performance character of the car to suit your mood or driving conditions ranging from sharp sports mode to calm Eco mode. An individual mode is available for drivers to customize for themselves.

The convertibles 9-speed automatic and 241hp turbo rage excitement with efficiency. The direct injection along with multi-spark ignition gets adjusted in milliseconds, on the go. It rushes 60 mph in 6.3 seconds indicates instant response and long-term benefits.

Cabriolet hugs the road in style with its standard 18” wheels and multi-link suspension that clings 4-wheels to the pavement yet offers smooth ride. On slick roads, the 4MATIC adds confidence to the all-wheel driving because torques is transported to every wheel. Cornering is fun in dry corners.

What’s new?

Convertible driving is made enjoyable with –

  • Germany’s high-end audio Burmester with 13 speakers, which adapt to analog and digital amps, when top is down
  • AIRSCARF wraps you in warm air and keeps the chills away
  • AIRCAP quells buffeting for serene and quiet ride

  • Internet and Wi-Fi, keeps you connected with the world through a five-year mbrace Connect Services
  • Radar spots hazard, alerts you
  • Brakes respond freely, so as to decrease collision

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