Top Reasons To Buy A Can-Am Spyder RS-S

6 years ago Kelvin Braden Comments Off on Top Reasons To Buy A Can-Am Spyder RS-S

Take your riding performance to the higher level with the Spyder RS-S bike. The customized trim package and outstanding fifteen inches wheels provide a high-performance attitude. Backed up by FOX shocks, this bike comes with all those amenities and features of the Spyder RS.

Can-Am Spyder RS-S Prime Features

Sport-ergonomic position of Bombardier Spyder makes cornering and accelerating easy. Proven Rotax engine along with high performance brakes makes the rider always ready to hit the road. Automotive vehicle stability system, semi-automatic transmission and ample storage give quick and smoother shifts.

Some of the other features of Can-Am Spyder RS-S are as follows:

  • 998cc rotax v twin engine
  • vehicle stability system
  • 44 liters of storage
  • metallic plated silver front rims with double spokes
  • sport windshield
  • multifunction LCD or analog gauge
  • electronic command center
  • anti-robbery system accompanied by digitally encoded security system
  • carbon black colored front rims with blade spokes
  • two tone coloration
  • refined front fenders with led lights
  • carbon black trim
  • painted arm and front spoiler
  • contrast stitched seat surface
  • RS S graphics
  • electronic cruise control
  • multifunction color digital display
  • cruise control
  • superior level comfort saddle
  • adjustable rear air suspension
  • passenger comfort features
  • heated driver handgrips
  • eco-friendly mode smart functionality
  • refined front fenders that come with running LED lights


Three wheels

Three wheels allow the user to drive the bike in three varying riding positions. Whether you are the one who likes to attack tight corners or sit back and enjoy the ride, there is a Can-Am roadster for everyone. This three-wheeled design integrates traction control, ABS and stability control. This leads to an incredibly confident ride.

Stability control system

The stability control system evaluates your intended direction with the help of a handlebar. It then determines the appropriate response of the vehicle. The system applies the wheel brakes and lowers excess level of engine torque till control is regained.

Anti-lock braking system

Sensors help in monitoring the rotation of all the wheels in a vehicle. If any of these wheels are at a risk of getting locked, then ABS help in lowering brake pressure. This intervention results in quick succession. It can be done independently on each of the wheels, for maximizing braking performance.


All these features make it easy to embrace the open road. Whether it is a long weekend, sport, touring or a quick trip, Can-Am Spyder RS-S could be the perfect vehicle for your next drive.